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I drove a Clubbie S for a year - fun ride, but like all of my BMW experiences - have to sell it before the warranty runs out. CR-Z is surprisingly close to MINI as far as handling is concerned, especially in every day driving. It might give up sooner on the track, but day to day will be just fine. Brings me to the point of the importance of having a well-handling hybrid - you can take turns at ludicrous speed and avoid wasting fuel on braking. Finally I can put all those racing school tricks to a good use :p

Honestly, how many times have you used the rear seats in the MINI? Go to your local dealer, get a CR-Z test drive, make sure the salesguy is not in the car and push it through some familiar curves - you'll enjoy it. The passenger I took for a ride with me screamed just as much as they screamed in my Clubbie and 550i.
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