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I second that... very good info on those extensive threads. I've always liked the look of the Mini Cooper and actually used it as a means for comparison when I was making my decision to buy the CR-Z. Both seem to be fun little cars with some pep, and with designs that are clearly not run-of-the-mill. I was impressed at how much Coopers could be customized, but on the down side doing so really boosts their price tag! :eek:mg:

It was an easy choice for me, as I knew I wanted a hybrid as my next car, and it was love at first CR-Z site! I absolutely love the car and baby it bigtime... already hand washed it more than any car I've ever owned! My negative perspectives: rear quarter blind spots, not-adjustable headrest that I think I'm finally getting used to after several months, lack of standard center armrest. The engine auto-shutoff feature has also taken some getting used to, and was pretty freaky at first!

Best wishes with your decision!
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