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CRZ-2013 Drive Modes not Working

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Dear All
My 2013 Cr-z Recently not functioning with drive modes. it simply not changing with mode buttons. but car drive fine as usual like i am in Normal mode

FYI - i have a damaged Oxygen sensor (2nd sensor) cable is it related to this symptom?

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Dear Spdbump

Thank you for the quick reply, yes i also have the check engine light. sorry i didn't mentioned in the post, yes i am going to repair it in this week ASAP

is it a serious case? should i drive until it get repaired?

Yesterday i soldered the damaged wire, re-insulated the joint and cleared the code , luckily CHK ENGINE massage went away!!!

Now modes working as usual

Now i'm very happy :smile2:

Thanks for all
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is there a fuse on Crz to oxygen sensor heat unit, because check engine massage appeared again

damnnnn :crying:

Might have to back-up, and let us know some more information..., such as other factors that caused the o2 sensor wire to fail, or what led you to the o2 sensor/wiring as the cause.

There is an under-dash fuse that you might check/replace (B12 [IG IMA] 10 A fuse,) but here's a list of DTC's and related troubleshooting pages to look up in the service manual:

P0137 pg. 11-114
P0138 pg. 11-116
P0139 pg. 11-118
P0141 pg. 11-117

If you don't have the service manual, I'll post a link here, if I can find it....or just click on my build thread link below, and there's a link on the first page, near the end of my mod listings.
Dear Litz

Thank you for the info my sensor failed because of physical damage , car hit a bump near the o2 sensor area and wires are broken,
i will check the fuse and i don't have a service manual, if you can post it , will be a great help

Might need to replace the O2 sensor or the wiring repair may have too high a resistance. is there a partial harness you can replace easily? Others will know what sub harnesses you would need.:frown2:
now I think so too, but i have to make sure rest of the car is ok to change the sensor,
Wires broken from the sensor it self, original car harness is remain undamaged. if i change the sensor everything will be fine i guess 0:)

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Hello Guys,

Today i installed a new sensor (denso) with full of hopes and end of the installing technicians OBD scanner couldn't clear the code , so he remove the battery ground terminal & cleared the code.
and everything came back to normal and i drove around 5 KM and i stoped the car and start the car again

check engine appeared again!!!

what will be the reason, technician said sensor not receiving currant , he sayed may be cause of faulty ECU,

is it real?????

pls guys help me , im not in a finance situation to change a ECU

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