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A few more recent pics here:

It all started here

Well I've had my 2013 PWP since April of 2013. I'd say I got a pretty decent little build going now and I've been meaning for quite awhile to start a build thread so here goes...

First a little background on our story -

At the end of 2012 I knew that I wanted to get as close to the original mugen crz as possible (at that time not realizing the lack of options for 2013 and thinking i could just slap on a jrsc and mugen body kit and call it a day), and even before I ordered my car I bought a mugen wing off of a former member of this forum. Torn between whether to order a PWP or a PBP, the wing decided the color choice for me since it was already painted pwp.
Next I went and custom ordered my car from a dealership since nobody had a 2013 in EX 6spd with navigation. After months of waiting I was told CRuZ was born/built sometime in early March of 2014 (or was it January?) and began making its way to the U.S. by boat. Finally at the end of April I made the actual purchase of my car. It remained stock for a few months until I added the wing. I soon realized the options for 2013+ were much more limited - no flashpro, different front bumper issues, etc.
So I have been stuck with basic bolt-ons so far power-wise and havent decided what route I want to take for the rest of the body (i.e. pickup some mugen style sideskirts, grab the rest of the 2013 mugen rz kit which I dont like quite as much as the first mugen kit). Anyways thats enough rambling. Here's my mod list (will be updated as needed) and pics below...

*Ark Exhaust
*T1R downpipe (removed)
J's Racing Circuit converter (thanks Zach @ Sonic Motor!)
*K&N typhoon SRI (sold/former mod)
Current intake: velocity stack with custom piping and recirculation valve reroute
*Mfactory helical LSD w/Racepack (acquired from Bisimoto Engineering)
HPD supercharger kit hpd #008 (self installed!)

*BC Racing Coilovers
*Spoon FSB + endlinks
*Cusco 4 point Chassis Brace
*Progress Rear Sway Bar
Corner Balanced by Johnson's Alignment (24" drop ground to fender all around)

Hawk hp+ pads all around
EBC slotted front rotors
RBF 600 brake fluid


Currently just running my 16x7 +42 Rays Eng./ Volk ce28Ns with 215/50/16 Dunlop direzza dz102
2 sets camber bolts
Custom Alignment by Memo's Tires
- had 1/16" toe (out) both sides (front), but since returned to 0 toe
-2.7° camber both sides (front)

Misc./Other Mods
Dealer Installed Tints Hatch & Rear Windows
Dealer Installed Guidepoint Security System
*Mugen Wing
*PWJDM engine dressup kit Green
LEDs all around (interior lighting, license, and backup lights)
Subwoofer poly fill mod
Morimoto XB LED projector fogs with Pink Lexan
MUGEN Sideskirts
*PWJDM Kevlar rear diffuser

* indicates item was acquired second hand/ used for build savings $$

Build Goals/Mission

I do a lot of daily driving so I need a car thats good for that, but I also sometimes get that itch and am trying to see more and more TRACK TIME, so I'd like a car thats good for that too. I want this car to be the true SPORT HYBRID it was designed to be and keep the best of both worlds (fuel economy/fun to drive). With that said, I also want to keep this build as budget-minded as I can, and I think I've done a fairly decent job of that so far...

Future Mods/Possible Additions

I'd like to get back on some 8" wide fronts, Im thinking 17x8 but first gotta sell the volks (yes theyre for sale!)
Larger Rotors/pads (maybe rsx-s)
Stainless steel brake lines
Upgraded clutch (desperately need this now)
Perhaps a more aggressive/serious coilover setup

Memo's Tires
Raceline USA
Zach @ Sonic Motor

And thank you to all members for sharing your knowledge as needed and to those that set me up with affordable parts.


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thanks. well i did my first track day on it this wknd in the wet. it provided lots of extra grip and usable power. i am still adjusting to it. also it was my first time running aggressively with the spoon fsb. i actually spun out a couple of times (did not hit anything) but i think it was driver error. basically i had too much grip out front and the back slipped out. iirc i think i freaked out and braked when i shud have been on throttle. im also gna try a little less agressive tires when these wear out. when i am mid turn on throttle, i was able to put down more power than before but with the tradeoff of understeer. this was especially noticeable in the wet. again, i have a fsb at the same time so im not sure which is more the culprit. i think also i need to learn to turn the steering wheel a bit more maybe. if u can find human668 (maybe 688) he could probably give u a better review than i can. i let him drive and as passenger i could see we were flying way faster

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Nice. Wish you had an on track review in the dry for the LSD. Just got mine (no racepack) installed along with a new clutch. Hvaen't had a chance to drive it in anger and would've liked to know what to expect.

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yeah i wish i wud have tried it w/o the fsb so i cud really pin it down but oh well it seemed a bunch of parts just went in all at once this time around..laguna did dry up about halfway through the day. i mean things were great but i was a bit timid and tired by days end. ask human 668 he drove it and said he wished he had the car because it had so much more grip than his
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