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I arrived with check in hand to buy the fully loaded silver cr-z - 1st one in my town, but was woefully disappointed. First, the visibility inside is quite limiting, especially looking towards the rear driver, and passenger sides. Backing up was quite concerning as you could not clearly visualize while turning your head back to see... Further, no keyless entry or keyless start - the old fashioned key start - ludicrous for a 2011 vehicle. Also, no satellite in the fully loaded navigation options, in spite of an ugly shark's fin on top of the roof. Acceleration was poor, especially to get on an onramp with cars going 65 mph plus... I know a lot you are lovestruck, as I was, but take a test drive before you fork over the dough... I'm not a big guy either, but still felt really closed in... All the best to you on your travels... :sadwavey:
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