Parting out a 2011 Manual 6-spd CR-Z. I own and drive one as my daily and hit a deer last year. Bought this one to fix the panels and front lights and now I'm parting it out to recoup. I was going to make individual posts... but that was too much. All the parts posted are in good working condition with minimal wear, but of course I will send more pictures on request. It is a red car with the grey interior, I can ship for additional cost. Big ticket items and the ones I have pulled now are:

-Both the driver and passenger front seats, grey, good condition $250 each
-rear taillights- SOLD
-Rear Bumper and bumper support brackets $300, some chips and wear underneath, needs some paint correction, but mechanically sound and square
-Hood Hatch plastics or body: wiper and motor, badging, and seals are sold
-ECU and cover, $100
-Instrument Panel, $100 (180k ish miles on it)
-Dash and switches, $150
-Door Panels with switches and interior handles, SOLD except for passenger switches and interior handle
-leather steering wheel, $50
-clock spring, $50
-both side stalks, $20/each
-coolant reservoir, $20
-both CATS, exhaust... Reach out

If there is anything at all you're looking for, be it just a bolt or a wiring harness clip, ask me about it. I mostly just want to see these parts find good homes and keep these awesome little cars on the road. The interior of this one is spotless... the previous owner unfortunately threw a rod and destroyed the engine, but the rest is in good shape... ask and we'll work something out.

I am flexible with pricing especially if you're buying multiple parts or if you make it easy for me to get them to you (I am happy to ship bigger parts, but if you're picking them up it is very much appreciated).