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fuck you




but yeah my friend John was gonna dyno my shit at his fabulous shop for a rack of kokanees and a few double bacon cheeseburgers but now hes holdin out for..... MO MONEY!!!

freakin canadians :canada: i swear, they are always goin on strike and stuff. they dont even have to be FRENCH canadians.

YouTube - im not your friend buddy remix

no but seriously, i want to dyno the CVT so i can interpret the data. from tanabes dyno sheet i can gather a little, but i can tell i need to see for myself what exactly is goin on there. and i want to see how much power is lost vs the 6-speed.

anyways, im kinda retarded but hopefully there will be some semi-intelligent honda techs out there that can put the data to use.

like i said its a tear jerking dyno.

and im busy as shit running errands im moving to cali any freaking day now. which is a LONG ways from here. oh and im also kinda working for Scion doin ride and drives on the new tC for the launch comin here pretty soon. just got back from training actually. after driving them around the test track and also piloting the ZF1 around town for the last 440 miles, the tC is pretty damn powerful {lol compared to my lil hybrid vtec hatch) and honestly i think i can beat it round a track with a lil prep.
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