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Time to start the call for the 2016 CR-Z Of The Year contest. This contest is reserved for the 2016 CR-Z of the Month Winners. Here are the rules.

1. This is an invitational contest. Previous winners are not automatically entered. You must still be the owner of the car and enter the latest and greatest pictures of your car or if you wish, you can enter the same pictures that won the COTM. Your choice.
2. Tie's in voting will be decided by CRZForum staff.
3. Limit the number of pictures to a maximum of 5.
4. Voting for YOUR OWN CR-Z will automatically DISQUALIFY you.
5. Use of models is prohibited. This is about your CR-Z.
6. The call for nominees thread will go until Jan 15th 2017. The voting thread will then be created, will close and a winner will be selected Feb 15th 2017.

The list of the 2016 COTM winners.

Jan = @Hellionz - (Entered)
Feb =
Mar = @bzrollin - (Entered)
Apr =
May = @J-Boyy - (Invited)
Jun = @romiata - (Invited)
Jul = @andyhlk - (Entered)
Aug = @litz - (Entered)
Sep = @Tbot - (Invited)
Oct = @CRyoZ - (Entered)
Nov = @ArtJDM - (Entered)
Dec = @jasonw - (Entered)

Thank you for your continued support to the forum!

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@litz, I hope you're getting ready to post your entry for this year's COTY!
Haha--mine's in pieces right now too (but I still own it.) Okay to just post this place holder for now?

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