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stop taking me seriously
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Time to start the call for the 2014 COTY contest. This contest is reserved for the 2014 CR-Z of the Month Winners. Here are the rules.

1. This is an invitational contest. Previous winners are not automatically entered. You must still be the owner of the car and enter the latest and greatest pictures of your car or if you wish, you can enter the same pictures that won the COTM. Your choice.
2. Tie's in voting will be decided by CRZForum staff.
3. Limit the number of pictures to a maximum of 5.
4. Voting for YOUR OWN CR-Z will automatically DISQUALIFY you.
5. Use of models is prohibited. This is about your CR-Z.
6. The call for nominees thread will go until Jan 15th 2015. The voting thread will then be created, will close and a winner will be selected Feb 15th 2015.

A list of the 2014 COTM winners.

Feb = ccn88 (Entered)
Mar = andyhlk
Apr = numberoneoppa (Sold Car)
May = Srodaniel
Jun = Rustbucket (Entered)
Jul = ArtJDM (Entered)
Aug = ShazzNADES (Entered)
Sep = realtallshorty (Entered)
Oct = lamGenioS
Nov = MissCRZ (Entered)
Dec = p.simbulan

stop taking me seriously
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stop taking me seriously
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stop taking me seriously
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Seeker Front Lip
JDP Carbon Fiber Grill Cover
Spoon Turbulator
Noblesse Center Exit Exhaust
iJDMToy LED Rear Reflectors
J's Racing Front and Rear Tow Hooks
Carbon Fiber Vinyl Eyebrows
JDM Red Honda Emblems
Oracal Yellow Foglight Tint
SOHC i-VTEC Rocker Panel Decals
Volk Racing Formula Lug Nuts
Buddy Club Oil Cap
Basis Sport Design Anodized Blue Radiator Stays
30% and 15% Tint
Red Tail Light Tint
Polarized Wide-Angle Side Mirrors with built in LED Signals
iJDMToy 7.5w Reverse Lights
iJDMToy License Plate Lights
12w CREE LED Fog Light Bulbs
Project Mu License Plate Frame
Blue VMS License Plate Washers
Spoon Windshield Banner
Basis Carbon Kevlar Canards
Stickers... lots and lots of stickers...

Clazzio Seat Covers Black with Black Suede and Blue Stitching
OEM Arm Rest
Torch Blue Blox 490 Shift Knob
H-Fit Shifter Bushings
Buddy Club Short Shifter
Mugen Carbon Fiber Mirror Cover
JDM Hazard Button
Metallic Brushed Blue Vinyl Wrapped Interior Pieces.
iJDMToy Interior Lighting Package
Aires floor mats

Black Label Fabrication Cold Air Intake
AEM Bypass Valve
T1R Test Pipe
Noblesse Axle Back
Hondata Flashpro with tune from eTunez
Denso Iridium IK22 Spark Plugs
Maxbore Throttle Body

Spoon CR93 17x8.5 +53
225/45 Achilles ATR Sport Tires
Spoon Sports Motor Rib
Basis Sport Design Rear Sway Bar
Cusco Rear Strut Bar
Spoon Calipers
Stoptech RSX Type-S Front Brake Pads and Slotted Rotors
Tein Street Basis Coilovers
Spoon Front Sway Bar
SPC Camber Bolts


stop taking me seriously
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Lol! The band aids on Art's grille ..
The idiot who I got it from had two huge rock chips in the grille cover, so I used those band aids as my "carbon fiber patch kit." Made it look like new. :pP:

stop taking me seriously
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Still trying to find a computer to use. And stop picking on me, there's so many other cars that need to enter too lol.
RTS is getting ready to enter, and most of the others check in once or twice a year just to enter COTM. So they probably don't even know they are qualified. Also, are you telling me that, in this day and age, you can't find a computer to use?
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