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Hello and welcome to the forum buddy.

I do mixed road driving, such as tight roads, then hitting it in the motorway then into city likes. My average is 38mpg through mixed driving, and also mixed driving Modes ;). It can definitely go higher, also it can withstand changes of climate - say, -4c it'll obviously burn more fuel, but average mpg in my experience hasn't budged much at all. But since you're mostly on the highway, I reckon you'll average about 44+mpg if kept on Normal mode. I'd not recommend ECO mode as there is almost zero power to it.
Reading that you sound like a DIY type of guy, so it'll definitely be easy for you to self service your car as it's a spacey tiny car to get your hands around. Apart from the rear sits as they're basically unusable!
About daily driving - when I first got my Z it took some time to get used to the long journeys. Take notice of the comfort of the seat and set it right, as it'll get uncomfortable... Your bum will numb! But as said, takes getting used to :). 2-3 hours is pips easy peasy, I myself would love more as long as I'm in the Z.
All in all, imho the Z is a perfect all rounder, and long journey use car. Ignore the critics as they're too stuck to the past, welcome to 2011.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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