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Hello everybody! I'm new to this thread. I am thinking about buying a 2011-2012 CR-Z.
I graduate in May and I am going to more than likely have a job that is about 55 miles one way, 3 days a week. It will involve mostly highway but will also involve city and traffic driving.
I currently own an '09 Honda CR-V. If I get a CR-Z, I will be keeping the CR-V for bad weather (heavy rain and winter). Anyhow, on this same route in my CR-V I get 28MPG on the highway there but only about 24 once I get to the city part. And during the winter my car drops to 20MPG.
If I get the CR-Z I want the manual transmission EX.
Here are a few questions I have:
1) I like doing my own oil, ATF, air filters, etc. Is it fairly simple to do on a CR-Z?

It's a Honda with a 4cyl. That means usually all of this stuff is dead easy. With the oil you do have to remove a panel under the car but that looked easy in the owner's manual. Just clips. Air filter is super easy. ATF I don't know about.

2) Are most of you getting what Honda has as the fuel economy?

37 - 39 MPG combined with CVT

3) Anything you find annoying for a daily driving car that I will be in for about 2-3 hours a day?

Well, the Autostop takes a little getting used to. Rolling to a stop sometimes it will cut off when you are not really wanting it to because you know will be giving it gas .005 seconds later, for example.

I drove 5.5 hours 2 weeks ago and no complaints. It is a small car though. Oh, it fogs up easily for some reason. Taht's annoying.

I went and sat in one the other day, didn't have anytime to test drive, but I really liked the interior and think it has plenty of space for what I need. They didn't have any in the manual transmission for me to see but at least I was able to check it out.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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