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My 2016 has recently had this fun combo of events (tl;dr: simultaneous MIL/check emissions/check parking brake system warnings + unselectable driving modes). The 12v battery was original so I just went ahead and replaced that anyway, but the actual codes are P219A set with occasionally P0420 pending but not set.

The car pretty much runs fine and hasn't seen a drop in mileage, although there does seem to be a bit of roughness at idle on cold starts. I was hoping it might just be bad gas or dirty injectors, but a can of Chemtool and two tanks of 93 later and it's still there.

I don't see anyone else on here reporting this issue but this combo of codes is so common on other Hondas that they have issued TSBs (Odyssey/Pilot/Ridgeline and Fit) and extended the warranty to 10 years/150k for what appears to be the issue I am seeing. The Fit is especially notable since it's essentially the same engine as the CR-Z without the IMA. I may be one of the first to encounter this on the CR-Z because it appears to start with 2015 models at the earliest, and I do a lot of miles (just hit 110k).

Is it worth seeing if I can get AHM to goodwill a service? If not, anyone know if I can do more diagnosis before I start playing the "replace some parts, reset codes, and wait and see" whack-a-mole?

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P219A, FSM states to do the following:
1) cylinder compression test on each
2) valve adjustment
3) swap injectors between cylinders to see if problem follows injector
4) check / clean EGR valve and passages
5) ECM reset and idle relearn

EGR valve position sensor, high voltage
Either an open in the wire from EGR position sensor to the ECM, loose connector, or bad valve.

See below.

Given the EGR is the common issue, i'd start there. I'd clean it and check for pin fitment at the connector first.
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