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cng's Build Thread

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Hello everyone. It's probably too early to call it a build thread right now but I want to leave a picture trail starting from the day I took my car home. Hopefully it will be more interesting than watching paint dry.

Before I bought the car, I started a list in my introduction thread and here it is again, revised. Unfortunately, a DSLR camera is not on my mods list (maybe Christmas? :think:) so you guys will have to put up with phone-quality pictures for now.

Mods in the order of priority:

Bold = Done

17x8 +45 Enkei RPF-1 in SBC finish with 225/45/17 Bridgestone RE-11
Stock wheels with 195/55/16 Bridgestone WS70 (winter setup)
Debadge (CRZ and hybrid)
Muffler delete (intermediate before Noblesse)
T1R blue tinted convex side mirrors
Spoon tinted rear view mirror
Genuine Enkei Honda Center Caps
6000K headlights
Interior/license plate LEDs (white)
LED reverse light
T1R test-pipe
LLumar Air Blue 80 tint (all windows including windshield)
BLF cold air intake
Noblesse center exit exhaust / diffuser
T1R B52 coilovers (F 8kg/mm R 6kg/mm)
T1R Titanium shift knob, removed shift boot lock
T1R B-pipe

Eyeline tail lights
JDM Visors
Roll fenders
T1R neochrome lug nuts
JDM hazard button
Rando LED foglights with covers from US base model (hopefully figure out independent fog mod by then)
Aries floor liner
Buddy Club short shifter
STATUS bucket seats (2)
Fit intake manifold
CWest front and side skirts
Rear sway bar (Basis?)

JDM H emblems (maybe)
Paint roof/shark fin black (maybe)

Very far down the road:

2013 LED headlights (too expensive to consider now)
Spoon throttle body (right now not good bang for buck)
Big brakes and SS lines (Spoon calipers?)
Cusco roll cage with STATUS 5-point harness

My objective for this build is to have a clean look. I want to balance elements of a JDM Z, and a tuned Z, and add a bit of class (like Mercedes). Hopefully it will turn out as I imagined.

The day I brought her home:

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Today, put on my wheels and debadged.

I didnt expect to mod anything under the hood so soon but I couldnt miss out on a good deal on the BLF CAI from Paolo. I'm not looking to install it until the engine breaks in.

I went to get a quote for painting roof black but we came to the conclusion that it would be very expensive to do it properly since we have to paint everything visible and that means removing the hatch and shark fin. He referred me to a friend and see what vinyl can do. The quality would be very different though. We used masking tape to get a visual idea of the area on the hatch to be painted and found it very hard as the lines on the CRZ do not really flow onto the roof. There will be compromises and probably sharp cut offs one way or another. Very difficult. I will probably revisit this idea later on when I have the money, or just go vinyl.

And sorry again for poor picture quality and lighting. Will use a point-and-shoot outside next time!
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I'll be doing vinyl on my roof soon. I'll send you close up pics when it's done.
Hey Charles!

I will be looking forward with working with you to help build up the car! :)

You know who to call if you need anything!


Jason @ AJR
Thanks Jay.

I did the muffler delete yesterday for $60. I was considering adding a tip but I dont want to spend more money on a temporary solution. Also, the stealth stock look is quite nice.

Today, I bought and installed Spoon tinted blue convex rear view mirror, T1R tinted blue mirrors, and T1R test-pipe. For the exhaust, I'm considering going in another direction for saving money and perhaps better tuner look. Spoon N1 muffler with T1R test + B pipe. Still low on the priority as I want to get some footwork done after I finish all the minor cosmetic details.

Running out of money this week. Need to wait for next tips day and pay day (next week).
Congratz Charles. Your car will look superawsome, and that is quite some mod-list!! Good luck w/ build and i can't wait to see pictures along the road ;)
Congratz Charles. Your car will look superawsome, and that is quite some mod-list!! Good luck w/ build and i can't wait to see pictures along the road ;)
Thanks! The more time I spend online, the more I want to buy. :(

As for pictures, here are some of the things I bought/installed.

T1R test-pipe (not yet installed), Spoon blue tinted rear view mirror, T1R blue tinted side mirrors. They go really well together and I will probably get Air Blue 80 tint for all windows next month.

Spoon rear view mirror

T1R side mirrors

Found some genuine Enkei Honda center caps that fit on my Buddy Club P1 SF. I'm impressed with the quality and finish.

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Received my Llumar Air Blue 80 tint and installed my lights from iJDMToy.

Although the LEDs are very bright, I find they dont have a nice blue tint like the ones in my Mazda3. The license plate light is perfect though as it is a different type of bulb. The interior LED panels are blue-ish only when you look at them directly but the area lit by them are too white. The most thing I'm most unhappy about is the 6000k HID headlights. They are very close to the stock ones and I could barely tell the difference. This one is mostly white with a strange yellowy cutoff line both top and bottom. The 6000k on my Mazda3 is much more blue again.

Left is the CRZ, right is the Mazda3.

I might have to find some other bulbs from another vendor.
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It's been a while since my last update. I have ordered a few parts but they will all arrive/be installed at the end of summer.

I had always wanted a center exit exhaust and knew I was going to get Noblesse but I had no idea I would get it so soon, above other higher priority mods. Well, I found a deal on this forum I could not refuse and got it. Just had it repainted a few days ago and installed. My friend did most of the work so I didnt really specify how I wanted things done. For one, the plastic honey comb that goes in the place of the reflectors were not painted. Secondly, the rear grill beside the exhaust is painted black.

Before I was pretty sure I didnt want the reflectors as I thought it would make the rear too busy but now, I'm having second thoughts.

This is what I'm ended up with:

And for reference:

What do you guys think? Keep the mesh black or paint it back to silver? Install the reflectors back on?
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