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Check IMA 2013 Base

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Got in the car last night, gave me a check IMA system notification. Soon after, noticed its not stopping when I brake to full stop anymore, equally noticed a bit of a hiccup at times when I was on an incline or performing a rolling stop. Lol, thats when He was healthy.
So nothing sticking out in my mind regarding the lastI drove it, went to the gym and back, started back up to go to gas station, put it in reverse, notification pops up.
2nd thing Ive noticed, I still have battery support/charge from IMA, so that’s a plus, I see ppl have lost batt power altogether.
and lastly, I am not reading outdoor temp correctly anymore. If anything, I’ve seen it throw out -40degrees as we approach a midwest summer, so obviously something up w that, but also ties back together with IMA in some form or fashion. Gonna reach out to my Honda contact but I may be going with a walk in at this point.
Bought salvage, Im about ready to let this thing go lol
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Get the full IMA codes then we can help.
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