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Cars and coffee is coming around again! For those who haven't ever been, its a good get together. Last month had 117 cars in attendance. This month should have several large car clubs, including a Mustang club, a Viper club, a GTO herd, and this month - ZCar club out of Richmond is kicking off a day long Spring Club Event with a visit to C & C.

Here's the link to the C&C Facebook page:
Cars and Coffee ~ Williamsburg

My challenge to everyone in VA, DC, MD, WV: Lets get a large gathering of CRZ's!

The lowdown: Saturday, March 19 · 8:00am - 10:00am

Williamsburg Premium Outlets
5625 Richmond Road
Williamsburg, VA

Oh, and I know that this is in the wrong forum. But, I want to see a large number of CRZ's (instead of just mine lol) roll out there.
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