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Brake Light On - Parking brake disengaged

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My brake light is on and there is message that says release parking brake. I tried engaging and disengaging the parking brake repeatedly and made sure it is fully disengaged. Brake fluid is about half way between min and max, low enough that only one of the connecting tubes is covered. Does the brake fluid need to be filled all the way to the max? Any ideas on how to get rid of annoying beep.
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Add brake fluid or have brakes flushed and filled the light has little to do with the parking brake once you have confirmed it is off . That light is telling you your brakes are not working properly this is a safety issue. If brake fluid is low and has never been filled it indicates your pads are worn. If it were mine I would in this order Have brake pads and rotors looked at if they are within specification have brake fluid flushed and filled and bled. I have my brake fluid flushed and filled every two years as brake fluid absorbs water. I can no longer monitor my pads by level though.

There is one other possibility the switch for the parking brake has failed. This is rare but not impossible.

There are two lights for brakes one is for the parking brake the other is for the whole system which is on?
The light that says "brake" is on but they give me a message to "release parking break" in the place where it shows messages. Brake fluid is not below minimum but it is not at maximum. Is that okay?
That is fine but I would add a little. I think your parking brake handle switch has failed. Take the handle up a few clicks hold the release button and after it is down continue to hold the button and bounce the handle make sure it is all the way down. Are you sure all the brakes are free on the rear axle? Some have had issues with corrosion on the slide pins but that usually affects the brakes not the parking brake and they end up dragging the shoes on one side or the other. Bounce the handle and if you still see the light and message you may have to take the car somewhere to have it looked at.

You still should consider having the brakes flushed, filled and bled after this parking brake issue is resolved.
That is fine but I would add a little
Might not be a good idea to add fluid. As the brake pads wear down, the fluid level in the reservoir will drop because the brake caliper pistons extend more. When changing brake pads, you have to compress the caliper cylinder back into the caliper. Doing this raises the fluid.
If you add fluid, and your brake pads are not 100% new, there's a risk of overfilling the reservoir. When you're doing a brake job, it's possible to overflow the reservoir when compressing the caliper cylinders.

Having the brakes flushed is still a good idea. You should do it every 1-2 years, and whenever the fluid becomes dark. New brake fluid is clear, like water.

I'm sure your issue is just the parking brake switch because of the warning you're getting on the MID. As far as I know, there's a separate light that illuminates when there's something wrong with the brakes. It looks like this.

I'm willing to bet that if something were wrong with the brakes, you'd get a message like "check brake system" or "check ABS system" or something like that
The handbrake, as far as I know, works with a cable, so even if there's no brake fluid at all, it should still work.

I'd start by checking the handbrake switch. Not sure where it is, but it's usually right next to the parking brake. Maybe it got stuck closed, or maybe there's a short in the wiring from the switch.
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His brake pads are obviously worn hence the low level. As I stated earlier my brake fluid is drained / flushed , refilled and bled every two years and only recently have had the pads and rotors replaced. After that was done the brake fluid was brought back to the right level. I have a big fear of brake fluid dropping below the minimum line hence why I suggested to add a little and why I stated I can no longer monitor my pads by the level.

Unless he is told by his mechanic he probably does not need pads or rotors and it is perfectly safe to add some brake fluid so the fluid is above the min line when cold. Don't fill to full but more than Min.
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