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I'd like to setup the Bluetooth in my car but according to my "technical guide" that i got with the car you need to give a voice command in order to sync the car?

the thing is my tech book is in French, and even though i know how to read french i'd rather say the command in english (especially since my dash is setup to display in english)

can somebody tell me the instructions for the command in English?
here's what i get and the question mark is where I want the info:

step 1. set your phone to discover mode.

step 2. Say "?????" ("Configure Phone" or "Phone Setup"?) and then "?????" ("Connect"?)

step 3. a 4 digit Code will appear on the Dash while the car searches for your phone

step 4. locate the detected device on your phone and choose to connect.

step 5. enter the 4digit Code into the phone when prompted

step 6. the car asks you to name your phone device. for example just say "Marie's Phone"

To make a Call, say "????" and then the number (is it "Call" or "Dial"?)

Thanks for the help.

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I think the commands you want in step 2 are "phone setup" and "pair"
Either "call" or "dial" should work to make calls.
You can say "tutorial" and "hands-free help" to get instruction from the system - tutorial is a quick guide and hands-free help a bit more in depth (I think).

If you go here;
you can see the manual in English - HFL stuff starts on p173.

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Bought a civic that was from quebec once. Never ever found the english manual.

I had a feeling that perhaps the owner got together with their dealership and had a massive book burning! :giggle:
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