For sale I have a brand new in box set of Blitz ZZ-R DSC Coilovers. These are DSC or electronically adjustable coilovers. They have a little computer that you can set to preset damper settings or it can automatically adjust based on speed or g-force. Pretty awesome.

Unfortunately I had other stuff come up and I won't be able to use these. My plan was to autocross my CR-Z this year but I can't. My loss is your gain.

They are brand new, never been opened except to take photos of the contents. Same as sold by (Blitz - ZZ-R DSC Coilover Kit - Honda CR-Z ZF1). I am selling for the same price as retail + shipping from USA. If you order from RZCrew it takes a month or more. Fits all years of CR-Z.

$1675 + shipping

The ZZ-R DSC coilover series are standard ZZ-R coilovers enhanced with a motorized system to adjust the dampening rates from inside the passenger cabin.
They are full length adjustable, featuring up to 96-steps dampening force adjustment managed by the motorized system.
The precision of dampening can be adjusted from the car controller between 32/64/96 steps
The dampening of the coilovers can be controlled left/right, or each coilover individually, and up to 5 settings can be stored in the controller.
The controller has a "Highway Mode" which auto adjusts the dampening according to the speed.
They are developped to be street and track friendly and use aluminum upper mounts, lock seats and brackets for rigidity and weight savings.
They adopt a 44mm diameter piston to supress lag in dampening and offer a smooth and reliable ride.
The ZZ-R DSC are rebuildable coilovers.