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best color on the crz

black or white?

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im having a hard time choosing between black z or white

gosh both look great, i cant decide which one i like more.....any thoughts? my favorite colors are black and lime green, so the black was going to be my choice and i would add lime green to it. but the white looks so damn good to. what would be better to own in a state that has beautiful summers and horrible winters lol utah
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what color do you think looks best on the crz?? or perhaps with lime green? lol
I say white, second is red
got love for black... but white gets my vote.
You know i almost went for white. My last car was white. White has that clean luxury color. But after getting black. l love it. It just makes the crz look more aggresive. While the white imo makes it more classy. Sure black is a bit more testy when keeping it clean. I'm glad i did choose black though. Good to change sometimes. Anyway, choose your weapon!

On a side note: I took some pictures 2 days ago. I'm gonna try to load them up tonight. Maybe that will help you choose. So look out for my picture thread tonight or tomorrow.
haha black is my favorite color, but it shows scratches alot more than white would. this car will be my baby!
^this is true. However, its easier to spot water spots, swirls from sprays or waxes better than white. This is a mixed blessing. On one side, itll allows you to notice the problem quicker and sooner before the sun starts to bake that stuff in and it being nearly too late. Or on the other side, iggnorance is bliss, and you'll never know it's there untill its too late. Meh. It's arguable i suppose.

But black just looks more aggresive imo. Either color is nice. They both have pearl. Cant go wrong with either one. They both have pearl in them. Gotta love that pearl. Trust me, i wanted white at first. But the only 6spd around was black. After seeing my black 6MT for the first time, we bonded and I was glad i got black.
haha well i most likely will end up getting black. black and lime green are my 2 favorite colors, and i have always wanted a car to go with that color scheme! pearl black crz, gloss black wheels, with a lime green stripe around the lip of the wheel! than color the "H" emblems lime green!!! ahhhh i can see it now!:p
^Sounds like you've made your decision. Hey I was gonna go white, instead I went black, glad i did!! *lol* The crz seems to look good in all colors. Just depends on the look your wanting to achieve. You seem to know what you want. Good luck on your decision my friend!
haha thank you!! i was thinking white, but i dont think white would look good with black and lime green lol so whatevs!
I have the black, and I think if you have horrible winters, black is going to be very hard to keep clean. On the other hand if you have horrible winters a white one is going to be harder to see. What's your 3rd choice?:dunno:

Did that help? (NOT) Seriously tough call, I've never been a big fan of white cars, but the CRZ does look very nice in white. However I may be a little prejudice, but Black looks great, it just kind of shines!!!!
Black is gangsta and everyone needs some gangsta swag in there life
i dont have a 3rd choice haha. ya the salt would get the black really dirty, and scratches will show up easier on black. but when white gets dirty you can tell alot more. both colors are so great!!
Black is gangsta and everyone needs some gangsta swag in there life
well shoot if thats the case, than ill go with black and go with yellow riiiammmmmsssss:pP::eek:hsnap:
Black and yellow black and yellow lol dumb song lol. Goooooo steelers. However even though black is tuff to keep clean, when it is there's nothing better :)
ya i know what you mean! well i still have awhile to decide so ill be thinkin hard!
Black is very stealth looking! It just looks fast!!!!
Black looks best, but white looks classy IMO.
Black is gangsta and everyone needs some gangsta swag in there life
i completely is super gangsta...

I love my black.
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