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Black Label Fab SRI, CAI & CAT Back - Ready for Order

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Hey All,

As you know, Black Label Fab has partnered with to develop a SRI, CAI & CAT Back Exhaust for the CR-Z. We are proud to announce that the SRI, CAI & CAT Back have passed R&D and we expect them to be ready for shipping in roughly 30 days. Also in the news: has been awarded the exclusive rights to the Black Label Fab brand. What does this mean for you? Unmatched quality customer service paired with the finest engineers in the business! Black Label Fab is a group of designers and fabricators that believe in quality parts at an affordable price. Only the best materials are selected; 304SS, T6061 Alum, Silicone Couplers, High Flow Filters, etc. Using short cuts that jeopardize quality to cut cost is not an option. The parts are fully mandrel bent and polished to perfection. Oh and did we mention the sound? Even if you aren't looking for more HP, the “music to your ears” emitted by the CAI and/or CAT Back is reason enough to put it on your ride! Thanks for your interest and we welcome any questions...

Short Ram Intake (SRI) - $249.00
Cold Air Intake (CAI) - $329.00
CAT Back Exhaust - $599.00
SRI & CAT Back Package - $799.00 (Save $50)
CAI & CAT Back Package - $849.00 (Save $75)

We are taking Orders now. Call 860-676-2929, E-mail ([email protected]) or PM -

Cold Air Intake (CAI):

CAT Back Exhaust:



CAI Video:
Black Label Fab CR-Z Cold Air Intake on DYNO - YouTube

CAT Back Exhaust Video:
YouTube - Black Label Fab CR-Z CAT Back Exhaust on DYNO

We are adding these products to the website shortly, for now, please call, PM or e-mail to order :)
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Price looks good.

Dunno... SRI or CAI for a CVT transmission.... :confused:
1 - 2 of 355 Posts
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