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so i was driving down US1 in Vero Beach yesterday and i passed by the Honda dealership... to my surprise, the Black EX 6MT they had when i first went to the dealership was still sitting there... well i can't say this was really surprising b/c of the area the dealership is located... mostly really old ppl, like +70 years old...

the dealership is Vatland Honda... sticker on the window was upped since i had test drove it over a month ago... they wanted a little over $24k... they added the following:
center armrest
rear diffuser
rear hatch spoiler
illuminated door sills

not sure if those things warrant the extra $3k but hey, they have to try i guess lol... anyways, the point of this thread was to let everyone know that might be w/in driving distance and in the market for a Black EX 6MT... i'm CERTAIN you can get them to drop the price on it... this same dealership had a Silver EX CVT and they didn't even sell that one, they ended up dealer trading it and that affected them negatively... so this being the only CR-Z they will probably get at least for the next few months, i'm sure they want to get rid of it just to show a "sale" for the CR-Z... hope that helps someone :hi5:
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