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Based on some things others have said, be sure to check your 12volt under-hood battery as well before you write your IMA pack off. The 12v battery is used to drive various parts of the management system, and you can get some strange things going on when circuitry is run under-voltage. (I got an IMA error when my 12v battery was dead, but at that point, it was too dead to even make the IMA motor start the car.)

That is not likely to be the problem, but a $100-$200 battery is much better than a $1000+ battery, if it is the problem!

I also drive a 2011 and mine has 170k on it. The battery still sees to be working fine. I have been wanting to build the charger that PeterPerkins was mentioning to see if I could coax a little more capacity out of my battery. This charge he has mentioned would likely cost less than $20 and should be worth a try.
I also drive a 2011, with nearly 170k miles as well. During a recent oil change, I had the dealership run a battery level test, and they reported that the battery still had ~75% capacity. I do a fair amount of highway driving though. I wonder if Cwilliamsvalenzuela lives in a large city or ends up doing some other kind of driving that resulted in significantly more charge/discharge cycles. Or, if it is just an early failure of multiple cells/packs.
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