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Sorry for your troubles.

When I went to the dealer to test drive what would become my car, it was completely dead. Sales guy went off, got a battery charger. That didn't work. Sales guy went off, got a tech guy. They fiddled around for awhile without success, finally took the battery out of another CR-Z. That one needed the charger too, but we got the car started. Time elapsed: 45 minutes.

We went for a ride, I fell in love with the car, then went in to make the deal.

When we came out an hour or so later, the car was completely dead. Sales guy was fed up! He got the charger, started the car, drove it over to the service bay, demanded a brand new battery, and stayed there until he saw it installed. That seems to have solved the problem.

Seems to me there were some bad batteries in CR-Z's in the SoCal area in the last couple of months.
Is this a sign that these battery's may not hold up for years to come? I heard its going to cost around 3-4k to replace one if its outside of warranty.
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