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eff what ya heard kiddies, BATTERY BOOST is where its at ;)

NO Turbo
NO CRAZY Turbo Manifold
NO Piping
NO Tbolt clamps
NO extra Oil lines
NO extra Fuel Lines
NO bigger injectors
NO dump tube
NO FLANGES, OR 100 hours of cutting welding, etc...



okay okay not that easy, but maybe someday it will be fairly close to that simple.

all i know is im going to hop on this bandwagon and see how far it goes.

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Battery Boost

I have to agree. If Honda does offer the Type R, the Price Boost will make the car a lot less appealing. Upgrading the IMA battery would be nice for more reliable and longer duration performance driving. If that included a power boost, it would be the simplest
performance increase. Additionally, it would be even more effective because of the electric motor's torque curve.

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Stronger battery would be nice.
Plus another 30-40 horsepower from somewhere.
Plus power, heated, leather, more comfortable seats.
Plus connect the XM dealer installed radio directly into the main car roof antenna (that space helmet thing on top) instead of sticking it (literally) onto the corner of the windshield so as to improve the reception.
Plus a back up TV camera to lessen the blind spot issues (yes, I know that ain't happening, but Acura has it and Acura is close to Honda on the corporate food chain).
Plus a better selection of colors (Europe and Japan get Zeds in pewter and green).

In other words - when do we get a TYPE R model? EX is nice - TYPE R (or S, or whatever) would be awesome although we do not hold our breath at this time.
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