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First set of lug nuts from Wedsport that were put on the Honda CR-Z ended up being far to pink as oppose to the listed red. The Volk Racing Formula lug nuts came recently and are much more true red and with the base being chrome will keep the color as an accent and not a primary focus.

It’s been said that all anodized red colors fade to pink eventually, but the Volk Racing lugs will have to do for now as the only red that has been seen are all anodized and would incur the same issue. Best for now to just keep them out of the sun like the black paint and hope both fare well in the long run. The chrome is a much better accent and match to the Wedsport SA-55m wheels and black color over the all pink stemmed Wedsport locking lugs.

The Volk Racing Formula lug nuts are quite interesting in that they have a colored cover cap and then a key that inserts into the lug and turns from the inside as oppose to the standard external grip. This is nice because it keeps the key and ratchet cylinder away from the wheels and also protects the external barrel of the lug from getting scratched.

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