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Coasting and Autostop with 6MT

I also have a 6MT base which I have owned for almost a month. It has been a few weeks of intrigue as I like to figure out how everything works. I too am a long time manual transmission guy and found I can increase my fuel economy anywhere from 5-10mpg by coasting between red lights. It does require some planning and can be especially challenging in traffic and to keep the guy behind you from getting ticked off. I quickly learned coasting to a stop will not recharge the battery and found a way to work around this and still gain the benefits of coasting. I get up to speed and let the car coast in neutral. When its time to start slowing down I shift the car into 4th gear let the clutch out and apply the brake. The recharge indicator goes off the scale typically. When my speed gets down to around 17mph I pop the car back in neutral, release the clutch, and the autostop engages all the way down to 0 mph. I have found keeping slight pressure on the brake pedal will keep the engine off even when moving below 17 mph. Once at a stop I will wait for the light to turn green, when I put the car back in gear the car starts back up and I repeat the above. This car is so fun to drive and I have had to modify my coasting and braking habits slightly and all seems good :) Nate
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