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I've only owned my cr-z for a week (3 fill ups, averaging 38,8), although i've been reading a lot of this blog for longer. There's a lot to read, and so i'm sure i have missed some discussions. I own a 6-spd manual base. Am having seats covered in leather, will show pix when finished.

Does anyone know if the car's computer "learns" operator habits?

I have always had a stick shift car, and so i have some habits that i don't consider strange, but perhaps some would. I do a lot of coasting in neutral (when it's safe to do so). In much older cars, it used to be called freewheeling, and there it was built into the car such that when you let off of the gas, especially on a downhill incline going over 40 mph, the car would disengage the transmission from the driveshaft, allowing the vehicle to coast without compression braking.

I coast routinely approaching stop signs as well, especially lighted ones in the hope that i won't have to actually ever stop the car before the light changes. I assume this kind of timing (even with automatics) is done by lots of people here as well.

At any rate, with respect to the idea of learning, when i first started driving the cr-z, i purposely did not do any coasting in neutral. I wanted to see how the car performed, especially the auto stop function. The car indeed did stop the engine typically at or below 5 mph as long as i had my foot on the brake the entire time.

However, after a while i did initiate more coasting, and when i would approach a situation where it looked like i'd not have to stop, at the appropriate time i'd put it in 2nd gear, as first is almost too low at any forward speed, and second gear is generally low enough to use at speed as long as you're level or declining; i then started noticing that when i would later come to an ordinary stop in an ordinary manner, i.e. Not coasting, the engine seemed to want to stay on rather than do its usual routine, which led me to consider the idea that it was learning to adjust to my habits. Perhaps i just haven't had enough time behind the wheel, which is very likely. As for coasting at higher speed, it performs like any stick shift vehicle. I had visions before taking possession of the car that it would shut off during this, but the engineers anticipated that experience and programmed it to stay on. Too bad.

Also, i noticed that after i experienced the 'lo fuel" warning sign, the engine did not auto stop at stop signs. I take it that the engineers did not want to start the engine with low fuel levels in the gas tank, for perhaps various reasons. Has anyone noticed this?
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