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This may be a dumb question but definitely interested in asking.

Is there a way to make the CRZ engine auto shut off whenever going into neutral for a few seconds despite the speed?

Is there a ECU mod or aftermarket piggyback ecu/tune that would let me do this?

Would save so much gas instead of having to be under 18mph and foot on brake.
I never use the 'Auto Stop'. Mainly STOP signs where I live.
I put the 'defroster (FRONT) button to ON, push the A/C to OFF. That is it.
The auto stop will NEVER engage now. The system remains in this mode until you change it, even after shutting the car off and re starting it.

Even in the summer with the A/C on the cold air comes out of the defroster and sinks downward cooling the interior nicely.

A little annoying in the winter with the heat on as the hot defroster air dries my eyes out, so have to use a different mode then.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts