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Current Mods:

Seeker Front Lip
JDP Carbon Fiber Grill Cover
Spoon Turbulator
Noblesse Center Exit Exhaust
iJDMToy LED Rear Reflectors
J's Racing Front and Rear Tow Hooks
Carbon Fiber Vinyl Eyebrows
JDM Red Honda Emblems
Oracal Yellow Foglight Tint
SOHC i-VTEC Rocker Panel Decals
Volk Racing Formula Lug Nuts
Buddy Club Oil Cap
Basis Sport Design Anodized Blue Radiator Stays
30% and 15% Tint
Red Tail Light Tint
Polarized Wide-Angle Side Mirrors with built in LED Signals
iJDMToy 7.5w Reverse Lights
iJDMToy License Plate Lights
12w CREE LED Fog Light Bulbs
Project Mu License Plate Frame
Blue VMS License Plate Washers
Spoon Windshield Banner
Basis Carbon Kevlar Canards
Hood Dampers
J's Racing 3D GT Wing
Stickers... lots and lots of stickers...

Clazzio Seat Covers Black with Black Suede and Blue Stitching
OEM Arm Rest
Torch Blue Blox 490 Shift Knob
H-Fit Shifter Bushings
Buddy Club Short Shifter
Mugen Carbon Fiber Mirror Cover
JDM Hazard Button
Metallic Brushed Blue Vinyl Wrapped Interior Pieces.
iJDMToy Interior Lighting Package
Aires floor mats

Black Label Fabrication Cold Air Intake
AEM Bypass Valve
T1R Test Pipe
Noblesse Axle Back
Hondata Flashpro with tune from eTunez
Denso Iridium IK22 Spark Plugs
Maxbore Throttle Body

Spoon CR93 17x8.5 +53
225/45 Achilles ATR Sport Tires
Spoon Sports Motor Rib
Basis Sport Design Rear Sway Bar
Cusco Rear Strut Bar
Spoon Calipers
Stoptech RSX Type-S Front Brake Pads and Slotted Rotors
Tein Street Basis Coilovers
Spoon Front Sway Bar
SPC Camber Bolts

Planned Future Mods:
Limited Slip Differential
Mugen RR Style Side Skirts
Vis Racing RR Hood
T1R Mid Pipe
Spoon Rigid Collar Kit

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One day, I'll take pictures of the whole car... Not with limited space... And not at 3AM...

Old Miata that I just sold.

I need to redo this emblem.

I wanted a badge that looked like it came from the factory.

Tinted my foglights on the first night that I had the car.

Debating whether I do HKS intake or Spoon Exhaust right now. I think I might to the exhaust first and wait for the CAI to come out. I want to wrap the roof in CF vinyl. I want to lower it. I really hope Tein come out with S-Techs for it. Then, at some point, get a set of 17" gold wheels for it. Also an armrest... :blink:

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I feel ya on the cf wrap. I recently just did my roof too and it was a PAIN. The sides of the roof were so hard for me to cut out. I couldn't get an even cut. The bubbles will go away eventually with heat I believe! That's what happened for me.
Great... Just in time for autumn.

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Madjdmyo Honda Insight reflectors.

Seibon rear, OEM style diffuser. Of course you can't tell with the high contrast.

Closest I've come to an actual photo shoot with this car.

The fitment for the diffuser really sucked. I ended up sanding down the inner lip so that it would fit a bit better. I still need to throw some more double sided tape in there so that it fits to where I'm actually ok with it.

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This is the first time I really have money to put into a car. I mean, I put money into the Miata, but a lot of Miata guys just gave things away, and that thing was a stripped out race car anyway.

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I'm not really sure what else I'll do. Not too much more without voiding the warranty. I'd like to wrap my hood, if not get an actual Carbon Fiber hood, but the only one I really trust to not decapitate me is the Spoon one and that's a over grand. I also want to do a big brake kit, but that's a whole lot of money. I'd like to get the Project Mu brake kit, but that's even more a whole lot of money. Maybe I'll save up for the Spoon brake kit, if one of our vendors can set me up with a deal.

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Oh, right... I forgot that I was getting this little guy as well...

These are terrible photos

I was trying to show that it retains the 3rd brake light, but... white car... white garage door...

And... Flashdance!

Oh and my fuel door is wrapped too

And my B-pillar. I am disgusted by this photo...
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