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2013 Honda CR-Z w/ HPD supercharger
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A long while back maybe four months ago I snagged a used CR-Z OE style steering wheel made by AMS. Only two companies made these as far as I’m aware; Lecce and AMS. Lecce is now out of business and AMS discontinued theirs so getting new ones is impossible. But I got one on Buyee for a relatively good price.
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When it arrived I noticed the leather was okay. The stitching was blue but it faded quite a bit. And the carbon fiber had a decent scratch that would be quite annoying to look at. But I contacted an upholstery shop who wraps steering wheels. I told him I just wanted fresh leather, red stitching and asked him if he could buff the scratch out if it was possible.
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A few months later I went to pick it up and I was quite surprised to see it! Honestly it was so different I didn’t think it was the same wheel. He did an impressive job with what he was given and I would recommend rewrapping your wheel if it ever gets worn.
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I plan on installing it in a few weeks so if you’d like to see it installed make sure to check out my build page or my instagram page when it goes on.
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Instagram: @SkittyDoogle
Build page: SkittyDoogle build thread: HPD Supercharger installed...
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