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Alternate headlight housings?

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Hi group,
A woman I'm dating recently hit a deer in her 2011 CR-Z and crushed the passenger's side corner and the headlight housing is destroyed. It looked like a replacement housing assembly was going to be like $650 on ebay, if you could even find the PS one. She didn't have comprehensive insurance, and can't afford to replace the car. At this point we don't mind cutting, gluing, fiberglass, duct tape, whatever it takes (the body is pretty well crunched) - so in that regard, could a a headlight assembly from a similar year Civic be patched in? I'm not sure if it has the same number of bulbs, etc, or whether the aiming system would work, etc.
I want to impress her, so any advice on how to get her back on the road would be most appreciated! Also we're in Colorado - no inspection - so almost anything goes.
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post a pic of it, we can let you know how bad it is
Will a 2013 LX be able to use an EX headlight of a similar year? Mine are starting to get hazey so I thought about upgrading.
not without doing an HID conversion.
Hey man, just getting into the crz community and saw you do headlight stuff, how far along are you on harnesses for fitting those Acura jewel headlights in a crz? I would love to learn or buy one from you
the harness isn't the hard part, it's melding the headlight assemblies together. I'm still trying to source a mildly damaged headlight so that I don't have to suffer the guilt of cutting apart a good unit for my project.
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