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Aj crz !

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Hi Guys,

Just picked up the car today :thumbsup: The car drives pretty nice and I think it is better than MY09 Fit :thumbsup:

Here's some pics of the car :)

Enjoy :hi5:

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Just got it lowered today :)

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^^ Hell ya, looks great! What did you lower with?
I lowered it with T1R springs :)

nice one Ben, did you get it from Rick?
I didn't.


looks great... one concern tho, is the back lower than the front??

Yes, the back is lower but when you measure the jack point, front and rear are the same.
the rear is sagging quite a bit...

did u guys use T1R springs for the fit? explains why the rear is sagging since there are batteries in the back
The springs didn't sag and the springs are a bit different than the Fit ones.

The rear looks low but when we measure the jack point to the floor, the ride height is even.
Here's a short video of the car !

YouTube - T1R Prototype S51 Muffler - Honda CRZ ZF1

Hi Guys,

Here's some updates on the AJR CRZ :)

Enjoy :)
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so where does that vortex generator guide the airflow to?
why are the rims blue [w/ purple lugs, if i may add]?

and if this wasn't a shop-car... wait, but it's a work in progress, haha...

lastly, let me guess the plates: 698*PHT ?
IMO, the VG directs the air to the hatch to keep the rear down.

The wheels are in blue becuz they are SPPPOOOONNNNN !!! :pP:

You got good eyes :hi5:

BTW, this is not a shop car, unfortunately. If this was, we'll go K20 :p
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