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Aftermarket Turbo Availability

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¡Hola everyone!

Just a quick question, are aftermarket turbos for the CR-Z still available to buy?

I've done a few searches online and haven't found much - if anything - that's still in production.

Are there any other turbos that are compatible instead? (Probably such an amateur question)

Thank you!
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There is one member that is planning on doing a 400+HP turbo build but he's been ejected from the forum. Most of the work you'd be doing at this point would be custom and the only turbos I've seen available for the crz have been cheap dodgy eBay turbos. I am a stickler when it comes to turbo quality and eBay turbos are lowest on my list of turbos to throw on a car. They are usually of cheap quality and don't handle much boost before the internals grenade to pieces.
I mean with money anything is possible. That be pretty sweet to see a 400HP CRZ that's for sure sense it's so lightweight.
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It sure is. I'm happy with where I'm at power wise. A little twin screw with some suspension work is enough for me to have a little fun on the Dragon and some twisty roads.
I wish thier was some good bracket GT wings like the Street Faction that wouldn't require me to take my entire bumper off.

I'd really love to have a really like wing instead of the top wing.
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