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Hey all!

I have been cross-shopping a lot of suspension options lately to replace my Manzo lowering springs. In the process, I made this chart for myself to compare a few different aspects of kits I was interested in. Here's a link to the sheet in case anyone wants to copy it and add their own options!

Coilovers are listed as being capable of a 2" drop. Some of them can probably go lower, but I wouldn't want to, so I didn't look into that aspect of each coilover and it may be incorrect.

I've included the spring rate ratio from front to rear as well.

If you have no idea what that ratio implies or how spring rates work, the bigger number in the ratio column generally means the more tendency to OVERsteer rather than UNDERsteer. This is usually a quality sought after by those of us who performance drive our CR-Z's.

Of course this characteristic is influenced by a lot more than spring rate ratio alone, but it's a quick and dirty reference I found handy. The CR-Z is designed with softer rates up front from factory. I think that kits that follow this philosophy will probably be the most comfortable and effective at improving handling. Many of our fastest Fit cousins who track their cars often trend towards softer springs in front as well.

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