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Good new and many thanks to user M1keBr0wn
2013 CRZ(Zf2) and 2013 Si wiring diagrams have been added to wiring section.(Page3). and that post have more than 20 pictures so forum is not letting me edit and add them there. So i have shared them in dropbox folder there and here.Plus the main wiring diagram have also been improved.
Just want to say “Thank you” great work!
I have read your complete post.. several times. I own a 2013 CRZ Premium “Canadian Version”
Seems like the first stage in doing a kswap is choosing the correct ECU and wiring harness?
Considering I own a 2013 you suggest to go with a 2012-2015 Canadian civic si ECU and wiring harness?
If I decide I would like to run a K20z3 or a K24a2 will I still run the 9th gen (2012-2015si) harness and ECU
Lastly can you explain the differences between the 06-11si harness and ECU versus the 2012-2015si Harness and ECU.
1 - 2 of 135 Posts