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Abdul's K20r-swap thread using civic si 07-11 ecu+flashpro

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Hi all.Some of you already know me and the car i own.Yes its a JDM Honda Fit hybrid RS was CVT with paddle-shifts.It has(had) LEA-ZF1 engine same as crz.

I did turbo it and had a lot of fun but although my turbo and injectors etc had more potential to up boost but cvt was slipping beyond 190 hp i was little disappointed that i cant upgrade clutch etc but i was satisfied and having lot fun.But (LOL there is always a but:p) due to bad quality fuel engine got blown.Although i did find new engine and got it installed the next day but i was wondering what if same tragedy repeats itself?
Here is the thread which tells in detail the whole story if you have time
so i decided to make plunge and go labour is cheap(200$) here and importing JDM k20r engine is also not so expensive.4500$ including shipment.
Some may argue why i am posting in a CRZ forum? well it is a crz in shape of honda fit hybrid and i will be using HAsport mounts for CRZ and my ecu pinout is exactly same as 2012 here goes.
As fewer k-swaps have been done this way.i.e civic si wiring+ crz wiring combined and using flashpro.
Most swaps have been done using flash-pro and k20 wiring harness modified.
The benifits of civic si ecu+flashpro are
Single ecu
Working OBD-II
Retains drive by wire feature and same accelerator paddle
keeps ecu in engine bay
Dash clusters works fine
VSA,traction control ABS etc work
Electronic power steering works.
etc etc
i plan on using short ram intake as fit has a duct which leads cold air directly to air filter location.
Headers with cat delete
73 mm RX8 throttle body(its direct bolt on and has DBW feature)
2.5 inch exhaust with vibrant ultra quit resonator and megan racing N1 4"muffler
HAspot mounts for crz
civic si ecu plus complete wiring harness
hondata flash pro
Estimated Hp near 250.(k20r comes stock 220)
Estimated new vehicle weight 1050 kg(previous 1140kg,due to IMA and batteries)
ok enough said.lets go to build.its Day 2 when i am making this thread.As our experienced electriction has shifted to Dubai so we have new i am little worried about wiring part but i will keep you guys posted and may ask some things too.
The engine JDM k20r with LSD and 6 Speed MT

Bye bye IMA (i kinda feel said for it)

Preparing for hole in firewall for clutch paddle


Engine bay waiting for new engine.the CRZ ecu A plug has been retained.civic si ecu B and C plugs will be used for engine and dash will run via crz A plug

Trial to see mounts fitment

Trial 2
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Woah this took a turn I wasn't expecting. This is gonna be AWESOME!
Appreciate you taking the time to post!

If I wasn't trying to relocate currently, this would be #1 priority.
another very impotant thing to consider amout mounts nd transmission
one mount hooks to engine and other two to transmission. and HAsport mounts for CRZ are made in such a way that those will fit only to either DC5(RSX) transmission or civic si (k20z4) transmission.
here is table of compatible transmission with our CRZ HAspot mounts.

The engine we imported is k20r from Euro R it has has RBC3 transmission.Luckyly a DC5 transmission is already on its way and arrives in few days.
Meanwhile about wiring.
we have bought complete civic si engine wiring harness .so we wont have to modify any B or C ECU connectors.
Example of wiring we bought.

B and C connectors will be same.and A connector from CRZ/Fit will be used.

civic si wiring bolts on all sensors
Except the Crank sensor.its not fitting again luckyly my engine came with its own complete we will use connector of that wiring and couple it with civic wiring.
The difference in A connector of civic and crz is very small.just the break paddle position switch which is on A34 on civic and on A13 on we will have to change just this.
other differenrce are on IMA and paddleshifts and cvt which ofcourse willnot be its again may be 10 min job.
The main important step in wiring will be connecting this from si

to this from CRZ

this got some 02 sensor wirings,ignition etc.i will update with pics when wiring is done so that others may benifit from this method and wiring can be done by DIY.
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Another important thing is working speedometer,as the signal from VSS sensor of DC5 or other transmission are of high freuency and 5 volts.

our newer ecu's detects speed signals from 12 volts low frequecy VSS signals.
There is lot info converting civic si k20z4 transmission speed signal backwrds toward rsx or k-pro etc.
but almost none on converting old dc5 VSS signal work with new generation ECU's because most people who do swaps have old cars like EK,EG etc.very few newer cars are undergoing swaps. like we know few companies have done crz's k20 swaps but dont share info.
i am still searching for its solution and alreay found one.its by using
Universal Speedometer Signal Interface
People are using this at k20a site with if my speedo wont work i plan on using this.
i would request user Tbot from this forum who have done swap this way to share how they got this done.but i read he used may be his VSS was compatible with newer ECU's

Those of you who have manual transmission wont be able to use your shifter and keep it in will have to buy shifters and cables.only advantage of having MT is that your cluch paddle and slave cylender will work.and the guys from CVT will have to also buy cluch paddle and slave cylender.
so CVT to MT is fairly easy
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swap is complete.its lot lot fun to drive now.sounds amazing too.speedo is not working as the transmission is of dc5. i am planing of buying a universal speed converter for that,if that works.
next plan is to go bigger wheels and tyres coz these 16" spin like crazy.
i will upload pics later
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Wow this looks awesome, please post pics of final product!
The final word and pics

Ok here are some pics.i will make videos too but will need some one else to record them as it MT now and i cant drive it with on hand now as was before with CVT.
Initially plan was using FD2 manifld but it was touching front grill so DC5 intake was used.
Luckyly FD2 headers were bolton as engine bay in Honda Fit is spacious behing rather than from.
In CRZ which was done earlier in this workshop they had to use custom headers and custom brake booster as engine was touching them CRZ guys keep that in mind while doing k-swaps.
here is engine bay after swap

Here is duct which takes cold air direclty to engine bay.Thats the reasonn i pulled air intake toward right with that white cirular wire

IMA code will always be there :p

engine height before

before was 90 mm,after is 85 k20 is 5 mm taller in engine bay,very little difference

Car height before 72 mm

After 78 mm

So its 6 mm lower at front
Back height before 195 mm

after 205 ,so its 10 mm higher

as we dont have dyno here,so here is virtual dyno of 3rd pull. end driver shifted into 4th and i was still recording datalog,so thats why it declined at end suddenly
209 WHP and 145 WTQ. i asked the tuner to be extra conservative with tune as some time 91 octane is't available here so that this tune may work with 87 octane


The extra cost which was un expected was
AC compressor and its custom bracket.RX8 AC compressor was used as it is smaller in size.
similarly RX8 TB was used as its DBW and is 73 mm.A custom bracket was made to fit it onto manifold.
OEM radiator fan was not fitting as engine bay is so tiny,so we opted for Mishimoto radiator fan which is slim and does the job nicely. to convert into $ just remove two zero's from item prices

Total cost was near 7700$.
it doest include exhasut work cost which was 100$.
so its near 7800$
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Now it's time you enjoy it.

One oppinion though, i know you couldn't because of CVT, but those 7800$ spent in mods and building the engine ( if it was MT ), would proably have better results.
It's still an expensive swap, so i hope, at least you enjoy it, and that it is reliable.

Will wait for your videos, even though i've seen other videos of K20 JAzz's
Now it's time you enjoy it.

One oppinion though, i know you couldn't because of CVT, but those 7800$ spent in mods and building the engine ( if it was MT ), would proably have better results.
It's still an expensive swap, so i hope, at least you enjoy it, and that it is reliable.

Will wait for your videos, even though i've seen other videos of K20 JAzz's
yeah turbo was fun too but if i did swaped it with MT and build internals and used HKS clucth etc,main problem was ECU. as i emailed hondata and they said they dont support my model.other reason was crapy fuel.a N/A engine can consume it with less knocking but forced induction is different story.
VTEC sound at cruise 5 and 6th gears. vtec at 5100 rpm

It's kinda sad that the v-tec on the Z isn't like it was on the crx. That was very fun also, just like on your video.
another clip of 1st two gears vtec at 5100
Nice! Now it's a matter of getting working gauges ^^
Nice! Now it's a matter of getting working gauges ^^
Thanks.Evey thing work except speedo.coz VSS signal from DC5 trasmission is not compatible with newer gen ECU's.
i have ordered Dakota Digital universal signal converter,but it will take some weeks to arrive.traction control i disabled my self otherwise it applies too much breaks when tyres slip,it kills the fun.
IMA light will be there always :)
I will make a vid about launching,just figuring out how to mount a camera on dash because while launching it hard to hold a camera in hand and change the gears and control steering wheel aswell:p
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You can always hack the screen, and remove the LED on the IMA light ^^. Problem gone ^^
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You can always hack the screen, and remove the LED on the IMA light ^^. Problem gone ^^
Wow,never occured to me.i will try it.meanwhile dakota device arrived.i will install it in next week
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Talk about restricted space :p

Meanwhile speedo is working now with Dakota device.time to make some launch vids ...
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here having some fun
Other car is corolla 3sgt swapped.once VTEC kicked in he had no chance :p you all know how agressive vtec is on k20R motors
Inside k20 view
Another run
The blue tye R civic is not tyre R.its R18.
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