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Hi all.
I've been lurking here and finally signed up.
I've had my Blue CR-Z ES for a week now. Had to fuel it yesterday, 37.9 MPG (computer claimed 39.9) running mostly in normal mode with only 1 sprint to 100MPH.
I test drove a red one with the 6 speed and while it drove nicely it almost seemed undriveable in Econ mode. Very slow.
I went with an automatic as I've always like the idea of the cvt but hadn't driven one till I tested my Blue CR-Z.
I traded in an 05 Rubicon as fuel economy stunk, I had no plans of wheeling it so it sat in the garage most of the time. Plus I knew I'd end up modifying it and never see a return on the money thrown away for mods.
So far the CR-Z is able to get up the drive and into the garage on the ice ring we call a driveway. An extra set of wheels and studded snow tires may be in my future.

Had a CRX years ago so when I saw the CRZ I knew I had to get one.
I LOVE this car!

Later, Al
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