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A Hero Build Thread

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Lurked around for a long while as I silently kept doing my things to my car. Pics first, then a list of everything on currently for those who need the specs.
Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive parking light Car

Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Car Vehicle

Hood Automotive tire Vehicle Automotive lighting Car

Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive design

Everything so far:
Cusco Front Sway,front tower and trunk bar
K&N Typhoon Intake (came with car, will be replacing eventually)
Godspeed MonoSS Coils
Shift Crank Wheels
Vercelli Strada II Tires/Tyres 205/40 R17
HKS Silent HiPower exhaust
iJDMToy extra brake lights
Likewise Thicc boi knob/Rod Stewart JR Pro Extender
Cut rear WeatherTech to fit flush with EX Honda subwoofer.

I have more plans but as this is also my year round daily I need it to run more than anything.

I have a couple banners I need to install when I have some time to be a perfectionist and fit them. As well as some window tint plans and overall detail which I don't think even the previous owner had ever done 馃ぃ

This thread will randomly be updated with no real schedule as I do work 6 days a week. Thanks. 馃檹
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Forgot images of WeatherTech crop and shifter

Vehicle Car Automotive tire Light Automotive lighting

Former owner roughed up the inside quite a bit before me, but since it's a daily and I'll probably haul ransom stuff also I'm slow to restore the finish to the interior pieces for now. Shifter and extender are both weighted. Very very smooth and easy throws with the additional 2+lbs
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How much of a gap is there between the floor and the bottom of the trunk brace?
I'll be sure to get you some exact figure after I'm outta work today. However what I can say is that the brace does double as extra security for groceries not tipping over toward the back 馃ぃ

Edit: (client cancelled this last hour) the measurement from the bar to the floor is a sliver shy of 8 inches
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If anything it helps groceries not tip over 馃槈

I'll be filling the holes in with some eva foam in the near future just because it was semi guess work. Aside from routine maintenance I've always done on cars everything here is a big learning curve for me so I'm proud of what's done so far. I do one track day a year with some buddies for fun on vacation. Nothing super serious.
Oh no doubt, absolutely should've tested all the front add-ons first this year, but I was in the "might as well" mindset due to a sale 馃ぃ
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Hi, I'm interested in K&N Typhoon intake
Appreciate the interest so early, but it'll be a long while before I'll sell it. It does it's job for now
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