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A Hero Build Thread

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Lurked around for a long while as I silently kept doing my things to my car. Pics first, then a list of everything on currently for those who need the specs.
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Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive design

Everything so far:
Cusco Front Sway,front tower and trunk bar
K&N Typhoon Intake (came with car, will be replacing eventually)
Godspeed MonoSS Coils
Shift Crank Wheels
Vercelli Strada II Tires/Tyres 205/40 R17
HKS Silent HiPower exhaust
iJDMToy extra brake lights
Likewise Thicc boi knob/Rod Stewart JR Pro Extender
Cut rear WeatherTech to fit flush with EX Honda subwoofer.

I have more plans but as this is also my year round daily I need it to run more than anything.

I have a couple banners I need to install when I have some time to be a perfectionist and fit them. As well as some window tint plans and overall detail which I don't think even the previous owner had ever done 馃ぃ

This thread will randomly be updated with no real schedule as I do work 6 days a week. Thanks. 馃檹
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The holes for the rear bar could be much tighter to the bar for a cleaner install.

Questionable how much benefit they actually produce on the CR-Z. These aren't floppy 90's Civics with load bearing strut towers hanging in the breeze.

The front strut towers that are load bearing are tied to the cowl/firewall very tight to the A pillars and the cowl is a massively stiff area. Where the front bar mounts is out on the frame horn a lonnnnnggg ways from where the struts put load on the chassis.

The rear is just a joke. The rear suspension loads are put into the floor of the unibody right into the main frame box sections. Then the IMA cage, spare tire rack, and rear seat back are all very substantial pieces of steel fixed to the floor with very large hardware. There really isn't any flex back there in the body. That aftermarket bar bolts a distance from the rear shock mounts and the rear shocks don't put much of any load on the chassis.

I would skip the weight penalty.
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They look the part sure. Looking cool is important.

Just anyone looking at this in the future thinking they need strut bars to improve the handling of a CR-Z are misguided.
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