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First off: DISCLAIMER: The rims used were only for photo/fitment purposes. They were designed for a car with OEM staggered tires, and therefore will upset the break balance of a car like the CRZ.

That said, I got curious and started playing around with an old set of rims I had.They are from an MR2 and are both +31 offset, with the rears being 17x8, and the fronts being 17x7.5. I know that opens up alot of doors for what we can fit. I tried a 235/40 rear, but didn't try this set up on the front with this offset. Up front, I tried a 205/40 17. It was way smaller than the stock tires. Despite being 1" larger and 2 cm wider. I think that overall, a 235 would fit all the way around. There was plenty of clearance up front, so it shouldn't be an issue

How the entire setup looked

Front view of flushness

Rear view of flushness

The rear rims were a 17x8

Compared to the stock size tires:

Clearance of the rear:

And the front was a 17x7.5

The ridiculous size of the fronts

Compared to a stock size tire
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