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6MT stuck in gear

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I bought a 2011 CRZ a couple of months ago and I’ve had no problems with it until this. It’s got about 121,000 miles and a little body damage including the front end and rear passenger quarter panel. I was driving down a gravel road and all of a sudden it sounded like I was scooping gravel into the floor boards. So I went to down shift to stop and check my bottom plastics but it wouldn’t shift out of 3rd. I got it stopped and got out to look at the bottom and one of the bottom plastic pieces had come loose and was scooping rocks onto the transmission and floor boards. Eventually we got the air box off and disconnected the two shift cables from the transmission. After they were disconnected they seemed to move just fine throughout the whole range of motion for the shifter. There didn’t seem to be rocks that were blocking the shifter at the transmission either. The transmission didn’t make any strange noises. I’m just looking for any advice anyone has on working on these hybrids or just with this transmission in general. Towards the end of the week I’ll be trailering it to our shop to get a better look at it. I’m wondering if there’s any way for a rock to have gotten into the transmission to block the shifting there? Or is there a known issue with the transmission breaking?
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I do know there's a lot of little crevices that a rock could jam itself in the linkage. If there was internal damage, you'd have trans fluid leaking.

I would suggest getting a mirror and a flashlight to look up underneath both shift linkages on the trans
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