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4th Annual CR-Z Dragon Meet

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I will update this thread in the coming months with new info, stay tuned!

It's that time again folks, time to get ready for the annual dragon meet. Last year we had a total of 28 CR-Z's show up and even one all the way from Canada! 2016 will be the biggest year so if you have missed the prior 3 years, please don't miss this one!

Recap threads from previous years:

Where: US 129/The Dragon/Deals Gap

When: July 22nd - July 25th 2016.

Lodging: Fontana Dam Village Resort. I have 5 cabins and 5 lodge rooms reserved for a special group rate. When those cabins/rooms become available to me (A few months prior to the meet usually) I will notify everyone.

Also there is ZERO cell reception within 10-20 miles of the resort. The lodge has free WIFI and minor cell phone service for people with verizon. That in mind please have a walkie talkie so all of us can keep in contact. We will be on channel 8 subchannel 1 like last year.

Attendee List:

1. Carzee
2. HondaHolly + 1
3. Cryoz
4. Sttrice
5. Numberoneoppa
6. Ejohnson95
7. Emjay
8. Cincrz
9. Bzrollin
10. Alan bunch of numbers + 1
11. Hellionz + 1
12. B-rad + 1
13. Item9 + 1
14. Maryland-Z
15. Litz
16. Coldglow
17. Ingen
18. Lore97
19. Shawnfrontier
20. ShortstackLOL
21. Lytsu
22. Romiata
23. mixinsight
24. Realtallshorty
25. Peeweeman91 + 1
26. Spicciani
27. Phy
28. Meatguy87 + 1
29. Retrozelda
30. Armanduhx3
31. Dezigner
32. Jboyy +1
33. Tpj147
34. Falconzord
35. Scrz + 1

Current cabin lodging list:



Arrival day for most people. Check in for the rooms/cabins are 4PM. We will get settled into the cabins, have some dinner and chit chat. Bonfire later on at night and beer exchange. Please bring a 6 pack (or more) of some local beers where you live and we will throw them in a cooler and try some new beers


Group Photo at the bottom of the dam. Be there no later than 9:30 please. Photo shoot will be at 10am but we will need time to set up.

Bonfire at night


We will do a big scenic group drive through the skyway/cherahola mtns. This trip will take around 3-4 hours.

Well do a movie night by the cabins. We will have a projector and a bunch of movies.


Early morning dragon run for those who want to participate. Pack up and check out by 11am

About the Where:
The Dragon is a stretch of Hwy 129 going through the great smokey mountains of NC and TN. Its a very popular twisty road for motorcycles and car clubs to drive through. People from all over the world come here every year to drive these roads and I've heard there aren't many roads that can compare to US129. All of you who take a lot of pics will especially love it because they're professional photographers on a majority of the twisty turns taking pictures. I've been going to the dragon for the last 6 years and always have a blast every time I go.

About the Lodging:
I've stayed at Fontana dam village the last 6 years and its a very nice place. They have lots of fun recreational things to do (Hiking, Disc Golf, Putt Putt, Lazy River). They have a bunch of different cabins and lodge rooms. If you want your own privacy you can get a Lodge room from around $99 and up and if you don't mind staying with a few others then Cabins are generally $179 and up.

I encourage anyone and everyone who loves to drive, young/old, girl/guy, whoever to make it out this year. We had a very diverse crowd in 2015, so everyone and anyone is welcome to join this year.
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Me I'll be there!
Oh yeah? Coming from where
Can I reserve a room in the resort? Plus most likely I will be bringing a friend in my car with me
Yes read my first post
Almost certainly in.

Shopping for a new job, atm. Puts a lot of things up in the air.
When applying for the new job negotiate those days off as a part of the deal.
Tagging for interest.

I MAY join you all depending on how funding and other things pan out. Will more than likely take my Fit instead of the CR-Z due to comfort reasons... and its quite possible that it may be supercharged by then. Only time will tell.
If your coming bring the crz, that's the whole purpose of this meet
Obviously still long ways away but we currently have 22 attendees!
My wife and I will most likely be there again. I'll confirm as it gets closer.
Good to hear!
Yeah these will do. Notice how it says UP to 27 mile range, basically meaning in perfect conditions. This is why I don't recommend breaking the bank on walkies, cause none of them can get long distance reception through the thick woods/mountains.
A few people from IL go to this yearly. Check the list of attendees and where they are from.
Brad and Alan are the chicago guys.
Holly explained it correctly.
Ill have updated info on activities and cabin booking this weekend, stay tuned.

Also check the first page and see if your name is on the attending list, if not let me know.
So anyone that wants discounted lodging can call Fontana Dam Village Resort and book a cabin or lodge room. When you call mention you are booking a room/cabin with crz forum and they will let you know whats still available. You have up until June 1st to book a room or those rooms go back up to the public, so please book ASAP.

Also if you want to split lodging or stay in someones cabin you can post on here and see whats available.

Fontana Village Resort Smoky Mountain Resort & Marina

Phone number below:

Just a heads up, If you havent booked a room or cabin you need to tomorrow or the group rate will be gone
Also slight update on the activity section, will update with more details in a few days.
Slight update on activities on the first page. 37 days and counting remain!
If you missed the first post, friday we are gona do the beer exchange. Bring a 6 pack (or more) of a local beer from where you live. We will put them in a big cooler and everyone can try a bunch of different beers.

Also a side note on that, fontana is a dry county so buying beer will be difficult. The beer you can buy is super limited and expensive so I'd recommend bringing more than just a 6 pack to last the weekend.

16 days remain!
One week away! Im going to update the activity list this weekend for the last time, stay tuned.
Anyone on the attendee list that cannot make it please let me know so I can update. I need to have an accurate count for the photoshoot.

Also anyone I forgot to add please let me know as well.
We will be on channel 8 subchannel 1 for the walkie talkies
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