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Hello again all.. First tank lasted 447.8 miles. put in 10.5 gals of fuel. First full tank got 42.647 per gal. Computer read 42.4. Usually the car computers are alot more in difference, as in my truck it always reads about 1.2 to 2.0 gal difference, I was glad to see that as I am now reading 48.1 miles per gal (per computer reading). First tank included several sport test drives with co-workers, so hoping this tank will hold out for 45 plus. Will up date again after 2nd tank. Dealer said something about it will get better after "break-in" Anyone know when "break-in" is?? Is it a certain milage? My comute is 20 min. city and 30 min. highway, so not quite 50/50 city hwy..
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