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Started out today with 48.5. Lost .2 sitting in driveway taking pics while idling (wasn't thinking). So truely started my day to work with 48.3, it dropped as low as 47.7 just getting to the highway. By the time I got to work I regained everything I lost getting back to 48.5. Completely babied it when I left work for the 15 minute drive to the highway and only lost .1 so I hit the highway with 48.4 I decided to experiment with 5mph under speed limit with cruise on and not touching it. Donald this is the key I believe. By doing 5 under limit, and staying in the far r/h lane I never once had to touch brakes or turn off C/C. And everyone getting on the highway seems to always get in front of me once they see how slow I am going, so in reality I really don't bother anyone getting on or off highway, and absolutely nobody slows me down. Anyway after I returned home I now have 49.2, and yes it is in fact still climbing. I will loose at least .3 to .5 getting back to the highway but I will also regain that back again and just repeat everything again until I see no more increases or have no more fuel-lol...Matter fact I should very well see 50 next time I goto work (Thursday) if the exact same drive that took place today takes place on Thursday. I will take pictures of dash again and post on CR-Z forum cuz I know there will be some non-believers out there...
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