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2012 with black interior?

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Hey guys,

I've owned my 2012 Z (6MT) since December now and am really enjoying it. My understanding is that only the 2013 MY (in the states at least) and on received the completely black interiors. However, my car has the black interior and I'm curious why this might be. Is this possibly due to it being a late 2012 MY car?

Thanks in advance.
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black interior was optional on 2012 model cars.

it really is as simple as that.
There was no black interior option on 2010-2013 CRZs, it was only available in those years in Black Label cars which were only sold in Asia from what I understand
That's probably cuz you're in europe. There's different option availability for different markets. I assure you the 2012 was offered with a black interior - I've been in one with the all-black interior that it had from the factory.

You can tell the its original becuase the 2012 black seats had blue stitching, and the later ones had red or orange stitching. You can also tell because the 2012 black interior door panels have the map pocket with no water bottle holder, and the later ones had a waterbottle holder.
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