Up for sale is a silver 2011 CR-Z ex AUTO CVT with 306,705 miles with a recently installed by Perfection Honda in Albuquerque NM used CVT transmission with a reported 55,00 miles. You may ask why I titled this post parts/project car, Well... The car runs great, It's been sitting for months and fires right up, everything works, Heater, AC, Stereo, Auto stop on the newly installed transmission but it has ONE PROBLEM that a few Honda dealers mechanics along with folks on this forme were unable to figure out. The car slips out of gear and stalls, Sometimes while doing 80 on the interstate, Sometimes while on surface streets, sometimes it doesn’t do it for a few hundred miles and sometimes it will slip out a few times in just a few miles but it always happens with NO CODES EVER and why I replace the transmission a few months ago, This did not fix the problem.

The IMA battery, in my opinion, is starting to fail, the progress bar will show full sometimes, most of the time it shows 1/2 charge, and when on a long upward grade it goes to zero bars and takes some time to get it back to 1/2 charge. There are a few scrapes on the corner bumpers and the fog lights lenses are broken as you can see in some of the photos.

That’s it, If you have any questions hit me up