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Merry Christmas Everyone!

We will be hosting our annual AJR Christmas Special valid today through the holidays with various gifts for your friends, family, or even yourself! :D All items under our Christmas Special can be view on sponsored forums, or online on our website under the “Specials” category. Since the holiday season is all about giving, we've put together some very special package gifts and goodies which you can view below ;)

We have limited quantities in stock, so hopefully everyone will have something for this year’s holiday season! Without further delays, let’s get this special going and pump out those presents! :D

How to Order:

Orders can be placed via telephone, by PM, email, or online on our website for the AJR Christmas Special.

Note: We will be closed from December 22nd 2010 and will reopen on January 3rd 2011. For the days in which we will be closed, to get the special price honored, please either send myself or Ben a PM, or email. If we have record of this, we will honor the price for you :)


All payment will be charged in CANADIAN FUNDS. CAD to USD exchange is about the same. We accept Visa , Mastercard and AMEX. We also accept paypal, however, service charges are to be bared by the buyer, Please be aware !

Shipping Method

Shipping will be made by UPS (with tracking number) **3-7 business days for delivery** or Canadapost (with no tracking) **7-14 business days for delivery**

Sales items that include shipping, only apply to continental U.S. & Canada via UPS Standard Ground shipping.

If you are outside North America, please be aware that extra shipping cost will be added. Best bet is to inquire and provide an address for shipping quote for those who are overseas.

We are not responsible if there are any custom brokerage or custom duty fees from your country.

All Canadian buyers are subjected to their provincial taxes. AB 5%, MB 5%, SK 5%, ON 13%, NB 13% & BC 12%.

Insurance is not offered so if you need insurance, PLEASE LET US KNOW !

**Shipping charges will increase slightly due to insurance**


All sales are final so there will be no refund & exchanges. The only exception is, if the product is defective.

Merry Christmas!

Special Packages:

HONDA GIFT PACK: $100 CAD shipped
1 T1R Oil Cap (Your choice of color: Silver, purple, black)

1 T1R Radiator Cap (Your choice of Type D or Type F)

1 T1R RTC (Your choice of color: Blue or Yellow)

1 T1R Magnetic Drain Bolt
JDM Honda Bumper Relector - $76.50 CAD plus shipping

JDM Honda Hazard Switch - $40.50 CAD plus shipping

Spoon N1 Muffler - $516 CAD plus shipping

T1R Lower Subframe Bar - $117 CAD plus shipping

T1R Front Lower Arm Bar - $76.50 CAD plus shipping

T1R S-Spec Springs - $195 CAD shipped

T1R Interior LED Dome Light Set - $81.60 CAD plus shipping

**Note: Photo may vary from actual product**

T1R/ALEX EGGO Shiftknob (Titanium Blue or Gradient Finish) M10x1.5 - $120 CAD shipped

Spoon Drainbolt Set - $37.50 CAD plus shipping

Spoon Reservoir Tank Cover Set - $10 CAD plus shipping

Advan Decal - $15 CAD plus shipping **Buy one get one free**

Type One Decal - $10 CAD ea. plus shipping

T1R Voltage Stabilizer (Blue/Purple) - $80 CAD plus shipping

T1R Ignition Booster - $80 CAD plus shipping

T1R LED Dome Light - $19.99 CAD plus shipping

T1R T182R Shiftknob - $157.50 CAD plus shipping

Note: Everyone, I do have to apologize that some items do not have photos. Unfortunately, we're only limited to 25 photos per post (looks like emoticons count too lol). If you need more details or photos, you can always PM or email us!


Jason @ AJR
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