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Hi. New to the Forum, but looks like there's some great stuff on here. I guess if I spend the time I could find the answer to what I am asking....but !
I bought this, my second, CR-Z in 2016 when I saw it advertised at a silly (wrong as it turned out) price at a 'local' Honda dealer in in the UK. Because one of the wheels was a bit scuffed, and the salesman and I both agreed that the original 16" wheels didn't really do it justice, he kindly, very kindly., as a complete surprise to me, replaced all the wheels with a brand spanking new set of Honda 17".
A while ago, I had one of the wheels 'refurbished', very badly, by a local garage, and when I scuffed the same wheel again, I decided to have it professionally refurbed. It came back, looked great, but completely different to the other wheels! Only option, reluctantly, was to have the other one same side done as well! That also looks good...but not quite the same! So, I now have the 2 'original' ones of the offside and the refurbed ones on the near. Passers by would not know...but I do.

I am looking for 2, new, wheels that match the others to replace the refurbed ones. Still listed on the Honda site apparently, but not available. Any thoughts anyone please? Thanks ever so. Stay safe. Paul
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