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110,000 refresh

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Hello folks, possibly the wrong thread but feels like a rebuild...

My 2010 6MT EX has just done 110,000 so im starting to look at major service items. Just wanted to see if anyone can think of things I should really do to the car now Ive hit this mileage.

So far I have:

New Front Discs/pads
New Rear discs/pads
Changed Oil and filter
Changed M/T Oil
Flushed and changed coolant
New air filter
New pollen/cab filter
Removed and cleaned throttle body
HDS Idle/Crankshaft postion/ throttle body relearn and installed "Newest" update (Honda tech told me the HDS installed an update to the car but didnt give me anymore details. Apparantly HDS does this automatically.
Removed, blasted and powder coated all engine brackets/fluid brackets etc to help remove rust etc

Still to do is replace battery (no issues with it, just hit the 5 year mark) and change aux belt.

Should I also do clutch/brake/power steering fluid or "if it aint broke..."

Was thinking about removing the injectors and having them cleaned. Again, havent noticed any issues.

Only problem I have with the car is it can be very stiff and difficult to put the gear into first gear, all the rest are grand.

possibly time to look at Tie rod ends/drop links etc?

Thank you for any input
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Yes on the brake and clutch fluid. That's like an every two year kind of thing.

Spark plugs and valve adjustment are due at 100k.
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No on the power steering fluid...

Shhhhh we are waiting for the question about where the power steering fluid reservoir is.
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