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  1. CR-Z Build Threads
    Hey fellow CRZ owners. I finally decided to start a build thread for my JDM 2010 6mt CRZ. Im starting after already installing several mods so I will fill you all in on the story so far 🙂 After my Toyota Corolla was destroyed in July of last year (2021), I managed to snap myself up this...
  2. CR-Z Build Threads
    Figured I'd start one of these, mainly for my own documentation. As of current, not much is done to it. Not really sure where in taking the build as I jump back and forth between pretty, and faster. Takeda stage 2 intake I bought off a former member, an Illinium Flux shift knob and matching...
  3. General Discussion
    I recently contacted a dealership to see what they would do for a 100,000 mile service on my car. A 2011 CRZ EX 6MT. They responded with : "So when we do a 100,000 mile service it consists of timing belt timing belt tensioner water pump spark plugs full valve readjustment all major oil seals...
1-6 of 6 Results